Our Ales

  • Brew No. 1

    Our first ever brew! A worryingly sessionable strong gold, a light Bitter flavor with a smooth mouth feel.

  • Au

    A refreshingly crisp, lightlyhopped Golden ale. With light citrus notes.

  • The Ex Wife

    An all English traditional bitter with a slightly modern fruity twist.

  • Honeysuckle Smash

    A delicate golden ale that packs a beautiful North Yorkshire honey punch!

  • Short and Stout

    A Rich Modern Stout, brewed by the smallest member of our team. A pint that is Small in Stature but full of Character.

  • Under the Thumb

    A clean crisp pale ale with subtle undertones of Elderflower and Lime. This beer was brewed by Sal (Kit’s wife) in response to our flagship bitter The Exwife. Released at the Northallerton beer festival it held it’s own being the second to sell out.

  • ThaIPA

    A lemongrass infused, Hoppy Session IPA. This beer was designed to hold it’s own in flavour but at a noticeably lower ABV.

  • Toffee & Hazelnut Porter

    Our first Christmas beer – A hoppy luxurious dark ale with strong aromas of toffee and hazelnut and a rich traditional roast flavour. A great way to start the Christmas season and put a smile on your face on a cold dark winter evening.

  • Gingerbread Milk Stout

    The second Christmas beer using root ginger and a complex mix of malts and lactose to make a very smooth and rich milk stout. A very enjoyable drink with warming ginger aromas and flavour.

  • Cramber’ Blamber

    The Cramber’ Blamber is the last of our christmas beers but it is in a catagory of it’s own. Brewed as a blonde with fresh oranges and cranberries to make a sweet and fruity beer. The term ‘Blamber’ was created to describe the impact on colour the cranberries had, as it is neither amber or blonde.

  • Malt-Teaser

    A truly moreish brown ale, brewed using a mixture of barley, wheat & rye, to create a sweet, malty
    flavour. This is perfectly balanced with subtle notes of honey & orange from Admiral & Beata hops.

    Designed & brewed by one of the three wives.

    Food Pairing – Grilled Pork and Swiss cheese

  • The Maple Heist

    The maple heist is a traditional straw coloured blonde beer blended with a Canadian maple syrup.

    Named after one of the biggest thefts in Canadian history. March Special 2017

    Food Pairing – ………….. Bacon and pancakes?

  • #1

    This is the start of Our Experimental’s Range #1 and our brewer has started with a hell of a bang, brewing this 7.2% passion fruit IPA. The resulting beer will provide you with a big juicy mouthfeel accompanied by tropical fruit and a firm hop bitterness in the finish.

  • #2

    A special creation using smoked malts and bourbon whiskey

  • Ruby Revolution

    A robust traditional ruby ale packed with chocolate and crystal malt giving deep colour and fantastic flavours

  • The Ball and Hoppit

    A lemon and lime pale ale with hints of kiwi at the finish. A special designed by our team physiotherapist, a proportion of all sales will be donated to support local NHS Physio rehabilitation centres.

  • The Mayflower

    An american pale ale packed with hoppy flavour from a great range of american hops

  • #3

    A full bodied wheat beer with prominent flavours from the many kgs of raspberries.

  • #4

    A crafty American style brown beer jam packed with american hops for the kick and lingering bitterness

  • Star Spangled Hammered

    Released on the 4th of July, this American style IPA is designed to be a sensory explosion and with an ABV likely to give unsuspecting customers more ‘independence’ than they might normally prefer.