Kegged Products

Throughout 2017 we are launching our kegged products which will only be available to an exclusive number of customers

  • DDH Pale

    DDH Pale 4.0% Our first edition of our new ever changing double dry hop series. With new revisions coming thick and fast this hop exploration will showcase great hops in a light and delicious session pale. Rev 1 – Columbus and Simcoe

  • Hopical Storm

    Hopical Storm 5.3% A juicy hop forward tropical IPA with aromas of pineapple and mango mix with a delicious juicy body and a low bitter finish. This beer is designed to be easy drinking and delicious, spun up in the  whirlpool and a generous double dryhop to really bring the magic. Genuine feedback from customer “it […]

  • Lager

    Session Lager 4.0% Launching revision 2 of our new Kegged session lager – Light, refreshing and very sessionable, everything a good lager should be. This craft lager is made with American and new Zealand hops to give the pint an enjoyably light citrus zing on the finish.

  • New England IPA

    New England IPA 5.2%
    A hazy New England juice bomb, oats and wheat give this a smooth body and the whirlpool and dry hop charges give a low bitter and fruity aroma and finish. Packed with Amarillo, El Dorado and Ekaunot Hops to give flavours of tropical fruits and peach just perfect for the warmer weather.

  • Pilsner 4.8%

    A premium Pilsner using finest European Malts and hops. Officially a lager, not a steam beer! Fermented slowly for 3 weeks then lagered in a conditioning tank onsite for 4 weeks before kegging. The final product is of an exceedingly high quality and a beautiful pint. Well worth the wait!!

  • Smoked Bourbon Porter

    A deep and complex porter with a light bourbon hit at the start from kentucky bourbon and a morish smokey finish from beechwood smoked malt.

  • The Beginning

    The beginning is the start of our new and exciting line of craft keg products. This all American hazy pale ale has been designed to make an entrance! Packed with a hoppy punch from 6 premium American hops, it makes a statement on the taste buds and follows with a very moreish, fruity finish. To […]