Written by ThreeBrothers on 28/09/2017

Well this has been a special month!! General things, record sales month, Boom!!!!! We opted for a blonde beer that was easy drinking and refreshing and it seemed to hit places and didn’t last long on the handpulls. We are getting a stronger reputation, selling is becoming easier and the feedback is good with landlords and landladies happy with the results.

Other exciting new developments…… Peanut butter milk stout!!! The reception varied depending on the venue but we had a number of people asking for repeat orders and a lot of pre orders on #6 our Rhubarb and Ginger red ale, before we have even brewed the first batch. In addition to that………. we have a lager!!!! It’s taken 8 weeks from start to finish but we have just completed our first run of lager. It’s a 4.8% traditional pilsner and it is cracking!! So much so we have stopped selling it as we are afraid won’t have enough until the next batch is ready.

We also went down to our regional Siba beer X and came back with some shiny awards 😊

Honeysuckle Smash managed not only to win the gold in the bottled speciality light beers it came 3rd overall for all bottled beers submitted to the competition(76 other beers). Even the gentleman from treboom brewery wanted to celebrate with us.

We also have a new part time driver called Sam who is taking some of the driving weight of the rest of us to focus on new things and all of the old things that pile up when we are out delivering. We also ran a few private bars which went down really well, setting up lagers, cask ales and manning a few of them. It gave us a good chance to meet with people and also brew a number of special and custom brews for people which kept Kit on his toes.

Will be interesting to see where we go from here on a roller coaster of running a brewery