Building a brewery – April 2016

Written by AdminTBB on 30/04/2016

Signed on the dotted line for 4 Clayton Court. It used to be a car showroom so they have an upstairs but we walked round it and knew it was perfect. It was a little bit bigger than we were aiming for but the upstairs means we can do stage 1 (install the kit and supply cask beer to pubs) and stage 2 (have a bar area for brewery tours). This is so exciting because there is even space for Chris to have a small kitchen, which would be awesome. It’s crazy how you can look at something empty and just picture it, we looked at a load of units but this is the one!

The landlord wants detailed designs of our plans to give approval so been having some long meetings designing the flow of the brewing, whilst tying in with the drainage water and electrical. Kit’s key brief is must have a good fridge ideally capable of taking a forklift and for any upgrade in capacity and a brew floor that drains properly so it is clean and professional. The books are out from our degree, the CAD is whirring and we have my friend Rik on a civil design for an efficient brew floor.

That was a nice 80 hour 4 day weekend, but with the help of Will “the wall” Dodd guiding us amateurs how to do construction, the walls are built, the hardcore is packed, the drains are installed and lastly 26 tonnes of concrete is smoothed out to make 1 in 80 gradient. At least, if this whole venture is a disaster we can get work doing peoples driveways!