Building a brewery – August 2016

Written by AdminTBB on 30/09/2016

5th August

The brew kit is here and a team of family have been spending every spare hour on it insulating and lagging it. We also got a friend of Brian’s called Lockie to weld in a load of the pipework. We are learning all the time, been doing piping diagrams and getting fittings from several different places and Jonny the electrician has been wiring them in as we go. My friend Lee has also been in doing some serious shifts wiring up the cask washer, I piped it up last week and wired them into some plugs to test them and it worked!! Plenty of leaks but the nozzles were flying round but now Lee has worked his magic with the control panel it has life and runs a neat little program. It looks like the prototype that it is but its working brilliantly, way better than I Imagined. To make it even better, Rik the Civil engineer by day is also a software engineer by night (literally, been here after midnight regularly with these boys over the last few weeks) but he has made us our very own app! It manages our cask database, its spot on! It’s looking like a proper brewery!

10th August

A few teething issues but the brew went well, 24 casks of brew no 1. That was until it went into the fermenter and it imploded?!! We had to get some temporary stainless steel ones as our nice ones got held up in manufacture and won’t arrive till September. But literally, into a perfect hexagon. The tank works but looks like we bought it on ebay from a farm where the farmer perpetually reversed into it. You have to laugh to stop yourself from crying sometimes (and then cry at home). To be honest it’s worth giving a shout out to our better halves who have really taken a lot of flack, grumpiness, misery, lateness and unreliability lately.

21st August

Started to get the kit to work just in time for a heat wave?! Having real issues managing the coolers, as its hitting 31 degrees on the brew floor. And then the next day the temperature drops to 15?! The chillers are struggling and it has cost us one batch so far but Rik steps in again and is making a controllable beer temp system, it’s a modified version of an online controller but we wired it up and it works!! Who knows one of these days I might actually get chance to prep for my wedding, I think it is going to be a long week!!

28th August

Best day ever ☺ I think the beer definitely helped with the enthusiasm if not the quality of the ceilidh dancing ☺ also sold quite a bit of beer this week and looking to strike a deal with a wholesaler just to get our name out there so fingers crossed it goes well! Guess we will find out when we get back…