Building a brewery – May 2016

Written by AdminTBB on 30/05/2016

All the essential work is done and now we are starting on the fridge. We have made the call to double insulate the fridge and make it bigger… For a forklift! We have been told no by Sal (Kit’s wife) to getting one, which we have interpreted as a not yet ☺ Regardless it is big enough to last us if we make a success of this and need to increase the volume.

The fridge is finished, We even reinforced the roof beams so we can put maturation tanks or a second office up there. We have definitely jumped in with both feet into this. Brian (Sal’s uncle) the welder has done us a solid favour and started building the cask-washer frame, it just looks like a load of metal box so far but it’s just a relief to see it started.