Building a brewery – September 2016

Written by AdminTBB on 30/09/2016

7th September

Sold a good few casks this week – it’s such a relief to be able to sell beer! And the feedback has been really good! We have had a few people round to visit and they have been impressed with the set up and the beer is starting to sell itself. Selling more to the wholesaler but also starting to get out there ourselves. We have also got a mini gathering being put on by the infant Hercules in Middlesbrough. Looking forward to it


15th September

That was awesome, it’s been a busy week but we have made it though and the reception at the infant Hercules was great. Really friendly place and full of beer lovers (and lots of beards)! Kit was in his element! The feedback was very positive on the beers too. I think the best thing is that everyone has their favourites and they are different.

23rd September

Another busy week, but the beer is selling and had some really positive discussions with landlords. We have even had a few pubs come to us. We are all tired and stressed and we are starting to get ill but compared to 2 months before where we had nothing its actually very exciting because at least we have a fighting chance to show the world the beer. Though I still can’t get kit to smile in the photos. Plus Sal even got brewing on the little kit, watch out at the beer festival in Northallerton for her own recipe.

Northallerton beer festival

We came, we brought beer and we sold out 🙂 we sent 4 casks to the Northallerton beer festival this year. The Honeysuckle Smash was the first beer at the festival to sell out, an hour into the second day. Next to sell out was Under the Thumb, a special elderflower and lime lager style beer designed and brewed by Sally (Kit’s wife). Bizarrely, the third to sell out was also Honeysuckle Smash!! I brought another pin down at 6.30, it was tapped and put on the bar at 6.40 and it was sold out by 7.19 – 32 pints in 39 mins which should be some record.