Building a brewery – September 2016

7th September Sold a good few casks this week – it’s such a relief to be able to sell beer! And the feedback has been really good! We have had a few people round to visit and they have been impressed with the set up and the beer is starting to sell itself. Selling more […]

Building a brewery – August 2016

5th August The brew kit is here and a team of family have been spending every spare hour on it insulating and lagging it. We also got a friend of Brian’s called Lockie to weld in a load of the pipework. We are learning all the time, been doing piping diagrams and getting fittings from […]

Building a brewery – July 2016

Change of plans, we have been badly let down by the kit installer so we are going to buy the kit from the fabricator and pipe and install it all ourselves. It’s times like this it’s nice to have a great bunch of very talented friends and family. But go big or go home (or […]

Building a brewery – June 2016

The malt store is now looking awesome mainly thanks to Paul and Helen (Kit’s parents-in-law) who have painted loads. We are continuing to make friends on the estate, especially when the epoxy floor paint smelt so strongly, 2 people next door went home with migraines (though the people on the other side said it was […]

Building a brewery – May 2016

All the essential work is done and now we are starting on the fridge. We have made the call to double insulate the fridge and make it bigger… For a forklift! We have been told no by Sal (Kit’s wife) to getting one, which we have interpreted as a not yet ☺ Regardless it is […]

Building a brewery – April 2016

Signed on the dotted line for 4 Clayton Court. It used to be a car showroom so they have an upstairs but we walked round it and knew it was perfect. It was a little bit bigger than we were aiming for but the upstairs means we can do stage 1 (install the kit and […]

Building a brewery – March 2016

It just got real, we just laid down the deposit on a brand new stainless steel 10 barrel brew kit and a 1 barrel pilot plant!! 2 months lead on the small kit to give us a bit of time to get the brews right with the big kit to arrive a month after. Just […]