Well this has been a special month!! General things, record sales month, Boom!!!!! We opted for a blonde beer that was easy drinking and refreshing and it seemed to hit places and didn’t last long on the handpulls. We are getting a stronger reputation, selling is becoming easier and the feedback is good with landlords […]


July July has been a very challenging and enjoyable month. The best place to start is with the monthly special beer Star Spangled Hammered. It was a cracking American IPA jammed with a great range of American hops and at 5.4% was powerful in ABV. We tested this out at our brewery tour and it […]

June 2017

This has been a strange month for us. The students are going home, football season has ended and some badly timed wet weather with the odd heat wave has meant we couldn’t keep the upward trend in sales. Despite this, we still had our kit working at full capacity for most of the month which […]

May 2017

What a month! Not sure where to start! Sales have been even better and showed consistent growth and this has been boosted by our first ever run to Sheffield. We are spreading further afield and enjoying the exposure. The first experimental at 7.2% received some mixed reviews but the smoked bourbon porter smashed it and […]

April 2017

At the start of the month David came on board full time as Brewery Manager to help fill the gaps that Kit and Michael didn’t have time to do and sales have increased yet again. We have launched our Experimentals range with two beers: a 7.2% Passionfruit IPA and a 5.8% Smoked Bourbon Porter. Only […]

March 2017

Sales are still climbing and word is getting out about our brewery tours too which is great! We had four tours in one week which was a bit tiring but so rewarding to see all four groups (who were very different) enjoying themselves. We have started customising them too and so far we have had […]

February 2017

What a contrast to January! We have just hired a sales coordinator – Michael, who has already made a huge difference to the number of casks we have sold and the improving weather has helped too! We had a record week of sales which we weren’t expecting for this time of year. Long may it […]

January 2017

Some good weeks, some bad weeks. We didn’t manage to continue the upward trend in cask sales we got throughout November and December but I think it is fair to say that it was better then we hoped! We have still had a number of calls from local pubs wanting us back again and the […]

December 2016

What a month, hit our highest casks sales yet and in the same week, we were at Durham Christmas markets selling our beers. Unfortunately we played it safe so we have sold our first batch of Christmas specials at Stockton. We had a second batch of Gingerbread Milk Stout and some special bottles of Under […]

November 2016

Kit and Sal have been brewing up a storm and these beers will be a little bit off the wall! Cranber Blamber – Cranberry and blood orange- blonde/amber Toffee Porter – Toffee and hazelnut porter Gingerbread Milk stout – Subtle ginger, creamy and beautiful Took these and our core beers to the Christmas markets in […]