Written by ThreeBrothers on 28/09/2017


July has been a very challenging and enjoyable month. The best place to start is with the monthly special beer Star Spangled Hammered. It was a cracking American IPA jammed with a great range of American hops and at 5.4% was powerful in ABV. We tested this out at our brewery tour and it was extremely well received!

We also hosted a small private tour for the Middlesbrough Rotary Club. We had a great time chatting to some really nice people. Really enjoying these brewery tours, it’s a great way to meet people and answer questions and we have a growing number of regulars so we can’t be that boring (or at least the beer must be good)

The Markets are becoming a smoother operation (or at least we think so!) Wynyard hall market is always a pleasure and we are building links with more of the store holders. Watch this space for more exciting pies and a few other items coming soon.

We did our first ever delivery run to Edinburgh just before the fringe festival and it was well received with the beer hitting a number of big venues at great times.

We had a fun night down at the Ketton Ox in Yarm for a meet the brewer, whist there wasn’t a lot of people we got some great chat with those who came, both Beer and non beer related.

Plus let us not forget the social event of the season, our little sister Bethany tied the knot with Chris to make the Three Brothers all official. It was a great day and filled with brilliant memories (and special photographs) They are off to the sun and we are off back to the brewery to look after our new releases!!!!