June 2017

Written by ThreeBrothers on 21/07/2017

This has been a strange month for us. The students are going home, football season has ended and some badly timed wet weather with the odd heat wave has meant we couldn’t keep the upward trend in sales. Despite this, we still had our kit working at full capacity for most of the month which justified the two big decisions we made in May…….

We needed to boost capacity so we sent our dad out on a hunting mission for some extra fermenters and designed a stainless steel collar to increase the production volume of the existing kit.

Following a lot of searching we found a pair of 13 barrel fermenters from a brewery in Northumberland and they are perfect! We had a few small shut downs to get them installed and linked up to our control software. At the same time Kit’s uncle Brian and his friend Lockie welded an extension on the copper. The extra height adds 20% more beer every time we brew and with the additional fermenters we have doubled our potential production!!!!

In addition to this, we have added something else to our team. Mr Anthony Munday has joined the team, taking on some of the racking and bottling, to free up more time for us to work on other aspects of the business. With him on board, we are expanding our bottle range and pushing further a field with them.

It was also a pleasure to support the Gin and Ale trail at Wynyard hall for fathers day. Lots of beer was consumed and new friendships made, it was a really great day.

Last but not least, Kit turned 28 years old despite the fact he looks like the bloke who drank from the wrong cup in Indiana jones and the last crusade