November 2016

Written by ThreeBrothers on 17/02/2017

Kit and Sal have been brewing up a storm and these beers will be a little bit off the wall!

Cranber Blamber – Cranberry and blood orange- blonde/amber

Toffee Porter – Toffee and hazelnut porter

Gingerbread Milk stout – Subtle ginger, creamy and beautiful

Took these and our core beers to the Christmas markets in Darlington and Stockton and it was a great launch and reception! People were welcoming and really interested, we even had a number of customers who drank them on the first nights and came back to buy more later. Real Credit to Stockton sparkles, they have been fantastic, friendly and organised!

Also been a busy month for selling beer, onwards and upwards! I hear sleep is for people who don’t work in breweries…