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How long does a Bag in Box last? We guarantee 6 days from collection or delivery if kept cool .
How big are the Party Kegs? They hold 5L of beer, approx 8.8 pints. Fridge wise the are 25cm tall and are 16cm deep and wide.
Can you recycle Party Kegs? Yes and no, let us explain. They are made of steel, so they can definitely be 100% recycled but its unlikely to be a curb side collection by the bin men (check your local councils policy). Otherwise a trip to the local recycling centre is in order.
How long does Bag-in-Box beer last? Again, being kept in the fridge (at 5C) is key to prolonging its life. A couple of weeks un-opened is fine but once opened it will keep for a maximum of 1 week (in the fridge!!!).
How big are the Bag-in-Boxes? They hold 5L of beer, approx 8.8 pints. Fridge wise they lay flat so are 16cm tall, 16cm wide and 24cm deep.
Can you recycle Bag-in-Box? Yes, 100%. Please check your local councils policy first. The plastic tap should be removed and the plastic inner recycled with plastic bags as per normal.
Your can labels say '100% Compostable' what's that about? They are made from corn and are 100% renewable and will completely biodegrade. Please seperate the label from the can when recycling.
Can I collect or buy beer from the brewery? You can purchase cans and bottles from our brewery pop up shop on Thursdays 3.30 -5.30pm and the first Saturday of the month 10am - 12noon. Bag in boxes, pins, casks & kegs need to be pre ordered through our webshop so they can be prepared. Please note last orders for bag in boxes are 7pm on Tuesdays each week. 
Are your beers meant to be hazy? All our beers be it can, bottle, keg, cask or bag-in-box are all UNADULTERATED. NATURALLY HAZY. VEGAN FRIENDLY. This often leaves a natural haze to the beer but actually contains so much more flavour, aroma and mouth feel. That said, certain beers (especially in small pack) can drop clear over time when kept in the fridge.
Also, you'll often find the first pour of a can or bottle to be crystal clear, the second or last pour can be cloudy or contain sediment. This is totally natural and should be embraced, it can enhance your drinking experience and there is no harm in drinking the lot. Enjoy.
Are your beers vegan friendly? Lots of our beers are Vegan, please check our labels and beer descriptions. We also have 2 certified Gluten Free beers too, Northern Pale and Trilogy Blonde. 

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