Weddings & Private bars

Whether you're looking for an individual cask and handpull or a fully staffed and stocked bar, we have three different event packages to choose from.

To find out more details about our event packages, just send us as email to and we'll send across our full brochure. 

Here's a brief overview of our most popular services: 

Private Bars

We have hand pulls, auto tilts and a large range of other bar equipment. Using our understanding of the bar trade, we can supply all drinks, staff and management to suit most events. For the perfect package, we can supply a bespoke and complete bar, including lagers, wines, spirits, ciders, cooling and plumbing. Where possible we try to partner with local spirit companies.


Looking for a way of bringing the pub to your party? Our handpull and cask packages will be the perfect addition to your party or event. 

Core Cask (approx. 68 pints) & Handpull Hire - £105

Core Pin (approx. 32 pints) & Handpull Hire - £55

Subject to availability. 

If you don't have time to let the beer settle out in location (normally 48 hours) then for an extra £5 we can transfer the beer bright (bulk yeast removed) for a hassle free option.

For people looking for something a bit special, why not click here to look at  custom beers. Here's a few of our custom pumpclips too!